Happy little update


This is just a little update to let you all know that I’m still LOVING sending you all beautiful letters just to remind you all of how super-duper and amazing you are!

Everything Tea Two Sugars does is the work of one tiny person and is completely thought through and funded by myself.

Please keep sharing the sunshine to those who need it and see if I can spread light on their day!

If you would also like to get in touch for your own letter or if you want to volunteer your help, please send an email to: teatwosugarsplease@gmail.com

Love & hugs

Emmie x

Would you like a letter?


I have spent much of my life worrying that I could never save the World, like getting homes for the homeless, feeding the hungry and helping those less fortunate. I realised one day that I might not stop all those things, but I can help them become less than they are.

I used to write little notes on my mum’s mirror before I left for school, or I’d write a note for my Dad for when he got home from work. I always take time to write a lovely card on birthdays, Christmas, mother’s/father’s day and all those occasions. This is some of how Tea Two Sugars has come along.

Everyone on this beautiful planet deserves to know how amazing they are. Not just Mum & Dad, but YOU.

So I want to write you a letter. A lovely letter to give you the lift you might need, to sprinkle sunshine on your day and remind you of what a fantastic person you are!

If you would like a letter, please email teatwosugarsplease@gmail.com
Please include your address and a little bit about yourself so I can send you some sunshine and a hug.


Emmie x